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Missouri Notary Desk Embosser

Sku: E13MO
  • "Desk Model Notary Embosser
  • 1-1/2"" by 1-1/2"" Impression
  • Customize with your information
  • Orders will be put on hold until we receive a copy of the notary certificate"
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Notary Name 
Commission Exp. Date 
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Product Description"California Residents: Bylaw, you MUST MAIL your original ""Certificate of Authorization to Obtainor Manufacture a Seal"" BEFORE we can manufacture your notary stamp orseal. Oregon, Arizona and Missouri Residents: Due to StateRegulations, you must e-mail or fax your ""Certificate of Authorizationto Obtain or Manufacture a Seal"" before we can manufacture your notarystamp or seal."
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